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Z Part One.
Red bracketed references none of which are illustrated. Anyone can find copies (ex the FBI refs 5,5A) from Zodiac web sites. They are not our copyrights so are not illustrated. These include 2 bomb drawings, envelope images etc. All files open in a new window.


1. Mini computer. (Illustrated on Wikipedia)
2. 408 blocks
2A. with decrypts.
3. 340 block.
4. 5 Crosses round rim of sign-off diagram.
5. FBI redacted page.
6. Single line of code with the 3 circles.
7. Dragon card.
8. 3 lines of code that goes with map.
9. Map of SF with clock.
10. Halloween card. Pumpkin section.
10A. Halloween card. Boo section.


Z Part Two.
20. Part One of R McCormick document.
21. Part Two of R McCormick document.

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